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Welcome to NECASE

Call for Leadership opportunities in Heritage Festival 2017

Dear Community Members,
Every year we observe Heritage Festival in capital region of Alberta Province. Usually, there are more than 65 pavilions representing  than 85 cultures from around the world participate at the Heritage Festival each year. In the upcoming year, it is estimated that there will be 3,50,000 to 4,00,000 visitors during the 3 days’ event .
NECASE has been participating in the Heritage festival for a long time since the inception as a community organisation. Like in the past years, we would like to continue representing our unique culture in the festival. In order to plan effectively and successfully operate our pavilion at the Heritage Festival 2017, we are looking for dedicated community members to form a management committee who will serve the community in different capacities. Enthusiastic community volunteers are requested to take the following roles in the festival.
1. Chairperson of Nepal Pavilion:
Manages the Nepal pavilion from starting to end of the Festival, coordinates with other Directors of the team communicate with the Heritage Festival Association, NECASE Board, etc. manages transportation all equipment and necessary items from Nepal center to the  Hawrelak park and back to Nepal Center in coordination with the Director of Volunteers, helps for grocery shopping, organizes volunteers Appreciation day and  prepares volunteers appreciation certificates identifies  outstanding volunteers who go above and beyond to provide Appreciation Plaques in coordination with other Directors and recommend those names to the NECASE Board.
2. Volunteers Management Coordinator:
Manages necessary volunteers in an effective and efficient manner from beginning to the end of the Festival, prepare volunteers schedule for all 3 days, manages ride for volunteers who need to be at the Hawrelak park early in the morning for 3 days, prepares volunteer tags, keep sign in and out records of  all the volunteers, implements the volunteers code of conducts, provides food tickets/water to all the volunteers, organizes volunteers Appreciation day after the festival, provides necessary volunteers for grocery shopping, transporting  equipment etc. from Nepal center to the Hawrelak park and from Hawrelak park to the Nepal centre in a clean state.
3. Cultural  Coordinator:
Coordinates with all parents in all parts of  the city for training, rehearsal, auditions,  prepares schedules of the dances, manage sound/music system and costums, Cultural coordinator will present various Nepalese ethnic cultural dances from Mechi to Mahakali and Madesh to pahad/himal. keeps records of all the performers and other volunteers at the Cultural department.provides food tickets and water to all the volunteer performers at this area during the festival. The Director of Entertainment works hard in coordination with the Chairperson and the Cultural Director of NECASE to present true cultural dances from various ethnic communities.
4. Food Services/Kitchen Coordinator:
Finalizes the Nepalese food menu in discussion with the management team, purchases groceries, prepares food menu banner, and manages the kitchen in a professional manner to provide the best Nepalese tastes to the visitors, find professional volunteers at the kitchen in coordination with the Director of Volunteers and Chairperson.
5. Arts and Crafts Coordinator:  
Coordinates with different vendors in the city and out of the city, and manages the arts and crafts tent for the best display of Nepalese arts and crafts at the Nepal Pavilion to showcase Nepal.
Thank you very much for the commitments towards making our community a vibrant. I am very much hopeful that our great community leaders will come forward with great interest this year as well as in the past.
I would like to hear soon from you with the passion of community service volunteerism.
With Kind Regards,
Rajesh Paudel 
Last Updated on Friday, 11 November 2016 23:44